Interviews & Press

  • Storymamas: Interview – Open If You Dare (10/2017)
    “I’d never written a mystery before (and it turned into quite a strange mystery) so I hope readers will go down that path with me. Afterwards, I swore I’d never try a mystery again but lately, I’ve begun to think it might be fun to attempt another one.”
  • Kick-Butt Kidlit: Interview – Open If You Dare (9/2017)
    “There’s always a character in your book that completely surprises you! Rose is the character most unlike me and the things that come out of her mouth absolutely delight me! Don’t know where she came from but sure glad she appeared.”
  • Storymamas: Interview – The Infinity Year of Avalon James (8/2017)
    “Avalon and Atticus are not alike but they care deeply for each other and their differences end up being part of the glue that holds them together. I want kids to know it’s important to choose friends who are loyal, brave, kind, and fun and that it’s also important to be that kind of friend.”
  • Pop! Goes the Reader: Cover Reveal – Open If You Dare (6/2017)
    “I set the book in the Atlanta neighborhood where I grew up, back when kids were still free to run wild and free during the summer. There’s definitely some of that in Open If You Dare, when three best friends find a box buried by a dead girl in the 1970s and set out to solve her mystery. I enjoyed mixing their modern childhoods with my not-so-modern one.”