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Avalon Goes Home

Spent time In my hometown of Dahlonega, Georgia, in January. Had a great time at schools there. Teachers Margaret Bennett, Ashley Boegner and my mom (former teacher) created a book club with The Infinity Year of Avalon James as their first read. Here are the students with the author’s mother. I heard from Mrs. Bennett today that the book club lives on!!

Plus, hometown signing at Giggle Monkey Toys was a blast! These amazing girls came by to get their books. They (along with the book club students) are my Avalon Ambassadors! You’re invited to be one, too.

P.S. If I’m missing a photo with you from the visit, please send it to me so I can include it here. You can reach me at


Southern Book Launch

In January, I had my Southern Launch for The Infinity Year of Avalon James at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia. Since I’m from Georgia, it was one of those hometown gal makes good moments and being signing-sandwiched in between Chris Bohjalian and Veronica Roth was pretty surreal! It was a great day at a wonderful indie bookstore. Thanks to Jackie, Karen, Gary and Hyphen for having me. You’re the best! And, special thanks to Chris Hamilton for these photos, making me ever thankful that I’m friends with a world-class, professional photographer. Can you come with me everywhere?