Monthly Archives: October 2016

Doughnut Countdown!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, you might have been seeing my doughnut countdown.

What’s a doughnut countdown, you may ask? Well, it’s when you gather together a niece and a couple of nephews for an afternoon of doughnut art fun.

My idea: I wanted to have a countdown to the launch of my book and then I had the light-bulb idea: LET’S DO IT WITH DOUGHNUTS!

My next idea: to enlist the artistic talents of my nephews, Will and Sam Edwards, and my niece, Kathryn Davis, to be my doughnut designers/wranglers. And they said YES!

So, look for their doughnut art at But hurry, because the countdown ends October 11, 2016, when my book launches!

Book Fun Under the Sun!

My first book festival was The Orange County Children’s Book Festival. And it was a fun!

I was on a great panel with wonderful middle grade writers who showed me the ropes – because this was my first panel ever!

Edith Cohn wrote Spirit’s Key, a beautiful story about a very unique relationship between a girl and her dog. It turns out that Edith and I have a mutual friend who had been trying to get us together. Before that could happen, we just ended up on this panel together. Weird, right?

Mary Ann Eisenberg and Wendie Willson write the Aly Rutherford series. I haven’t read them yet but after hearing them read an excerpt from the new book, Aly Rutherford and the Ancient Springs, I’m planning to soon!

Then after the panel, Edith and I signed books.

We went to Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair Company tent here a box of ARCs (advance reading copies) of The Infinity Year of Avalon James were waiting for me! It was so much fun to sign and talk with kids at the festivals. Kids rock!

It was 100 degrees at the Festival but I wouldn’t change a thing! (except maybe that 100 degree part!!)

Join me on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 4:00pm at “Once Upon A Time” bookstore in Montrose, California, for a brief reading of my new book, THE INFINITY YEAR OF AVALON JAMES, plus cookies and general happiness.

I would love to see you there!